Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh Sweet Irony

Flicking through the channels yesterday, I came across something rather funny on the News.

Apparently Albinos are angry about the way they are depicted in the Da Vinci Code. Yes folks, albinos are angry and offended how they are depicted by the albino Opus Dei "monk" (because, as we know, there are no monks in Opus Dei).

I can understand where they're coming from, everyone is looking for a Da Vinci code headline right now with the release on Friday. But this is where I get a bit confused...

They have no problem showing the offended nature or anger a minority group of people (very minority), but when it comes to the point of Christians being offended, Heaven forbid that they would mention it. In fact, I've heard nothing about Christians in the "othercott"...that is, the promotion of going to see Over the Hedge that weekend instead of the Da Vinci Code. If we see anything about offended Christians, it'll be those who are boycotting with signs outside the movie theaters in anger. You won't hear about how Christians all over were trying to boycott it in a different way.

It's just another way the world we live in is going down the tubes, but we can sanctify it with the grace of God through prayer, penance, and action.

If you want to find out more about the othercott, please go to



Anonymous said...

Mission Impossible on a Thursday... does that even count?
In the process of trailing a maniac arms dealer, Tom Cruise comandoe runs up the brick wall of vatican city, surpasses the camera, drops down a 60 foot wall, then barrel rolls into vestements. Ta-da, just a regular priest enjoying his evening walk.

The catechism comes to mind on this one

A good intention does not make behavior that is intrinsically disordered, such as lying and calumny, good or just. The end does not justify the means. Thus the condemnation of an innocent person cannot be justified as a legitimate means of saving the nation.

... in other words, saving the whole world from a nuclear terrorist attack.

In reality he'd have the all impressive swiss gaurd to deal with. The real ones, with ear pieces and automatics.

Harrison said...

You should go see it on Friday or Saturday :).


Moneybags said...

What's sad is I hear Catholics say that they think this book might have some truth in it. This is why we need good priests - to be examples against this kind of thing. We need leaders against this attack on our faith, this attack on Jesus Christ.

I'll pray praying tomorrow and offering up my day in reparation for the blasphemies committed by this movie.