Friday, May 19, 2006

Time: A Teaser

Coming next week, theology of time (I hope). I've been working on this a bit here and there but will be looking extensively at St Augustine this weekend. Here's the teaser.

Christianity is a "faith of contradictions". For example, if one were to use negative and positive theology, one could say that God is both being (positive) and not-being(negative). Both make claims about God. The positive makes a claim about God's essence (positive theology) and the other speaks of God's existence (negative theology). Both are valid ways. Well, time is a contradiction too. Eternity in the sense of God is infinite with no beginning and no end, but God just is, God exists outside of time, yet, in the very same token, because of the Incarnation, God redeems time, God redeems that which changes. Thus eternity is not simply a state of being, but it is also one of change. This does not refer to God of course, God does not change. It refers to our experience of Heaven. Heaven will be a constant yearning, yet a joy for the Divine Presence.

The reason I have been thinking about this subject as of late is because of the statement of our faith that "God created in time". But if time has no effect on God, then God cannot create within time, time comes into existence because of God's creation. Furthermore, God cannot have specific actions within time, God is pure actuality, pure act. God is one singular eternal act of love. So, God either creates eternally or we have a problem...or do we? I suggest that the Incarnation is what solves this theological question in ways that bring a furthe depth and understanding of God's plan, of salvation history, yet at the same time create even a greater mystery for us to contemplate.

This has been taking a while because I want to make sure I've got this right and it is within the realm of the Church's teachings. So keep your eyes peeled next week! If you don't see anything, just remind me, I have a tendency to forget things once in a while :).


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