Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time is ALMOST settling down...

I'm sorry for the lack of posting...I really want to get some really neat stuff up that I've been pondering...but time has prevented it! I've been busy with my now full time job, and have meeting galore this week (College and Career Group on Mondays, has the Parish Council Meeting tonight, RCIA Sponsor Session tomorrow and Clergy Appreciation Dinner on Friday, and training of Will as Sacristan on Saturday). So yes...I'm busy and was barely home at all on the weekend, and when I was, I was sleeping.

So come next week things will be slowing down. As I've said, I've got some Theology of Time I'm really wanting to post about here and some other stuff. My Medieval Philosophy group begins next week which excites me to no end. I just pray that God will grant me the grace to guide it according to His will.

Work is going REALLY well! I'm really enjoying it, though there is a LOT to learn, but it is nice to be at work and actually have stuff to do all day, it makes the day pass by rather quickly I find. It's odd not coming home to do homework though, still trying to get used to that....

I'll be back hopefully on Saturday or Sunday to begin some posting that doesn't have to do with my life (I'm sure you're all just bored of that ;))...Oh, and Theology of the Body at our College and Careers group has been going really well! It's brought about a lot of great discussion, which is my goal :)...I just need to learn to shut up at times.



Moneybags said...


The Vocations blog is ready for posting. If you would please post your introduction post whenever you are able to, it would be most apprecaited.

Thanks for joining this blog!


DilexitPrior said...

Harrison, hypothetically speaking, if I were to come to the Weigel conference in September, could you think of any nice kind generous Catholic family in the area who might be willing to put a poor starving Catholic university student up on their living room floor for a night or two?