Saturday, June 30, 2007

London - Friday and Saturday morning

Ok, I don't know why it is, but every time I come to London (ok, so it's only been twice) there is a terror threat. The first time was the bombings and yesterday was two averted bombings. Weird weird weird...thanks be to God for the police who caught it!

Friday night was nice. I went to Mass just as it begun (I had NO clue what time it would start at!). After Mass I celebrated the Solemnity with a fancy meal at the high class restaurant known as "McDonald's". It was cheap, that's why I went there.

After that I just started walking and walking. I wanted to get to the eye. However, I begun by walking in the wrong direction and so by the time I got to the Eye of London, it was closed. I wanted to get on because it was a nice day last night and wanted on before the weather got bad. I'm going to go again in a minute here, the rain is holding up for the moment and the sun is trying to bust its way out.

I walked for about 5 hours last night, went to the hotel room and watched Law and Order and The Shield and just passed out. I have thankfully adjusted to the new time zone quite easily.

I woke up this morning, went for breakfast (it's free at the hotel) and then headed for the Cathedral again. I went there for morning prayer and Mass. It was the sung Mass and it was in Latin. It was alright, the priest kinda went through the prayers at lightning speed though. The all boys choir is BEAUTIFUL though!!! I bought a cd of theirs of hymns to Mary.

I then proceeded to the bookstore. There is not one, but TWO Catholic bookstores right next to the Cathedral. I did not spend very long in there because I knew it was dangerous territory for a guy like me. I bought books though...I bought 2 books by Edith Stein (they have the FULL set of her works in English at the Catholic Truth Society!!!!!) and Book One of the Summa Contra Gentiles (didn't have it and it was decently priced). I got a small booklet of the Mass in English and Latin for tomorrow because I will be going to Solemn Mass. At the Paulist Press store I found a book by Ratzinger on the Liturgy that I had never seen before. All these books I got I was unable to find in North America. 4 books and a little pamphlet for £44, which isn't too bad. But like I said, I got out of there FAST. Both stores, for example, had the COMPLETE WORKS of Hans Urs Von Balthasar. If I stayed, I would have walked out with too many books.

Now I'm off to do some touring. Today's events include a tour of the Globe Theater, the Eye of London, and a Star Wars Exhibit that looks really cool! I may go see a play, it depends on how tired I am. I have to put aside some time for studying too as I still have reading to finish for Tertio Millennio.

My hotel room is small, but nice, and it seems that I booked on "Hotel Row". There are hotels down the entirety of this street! It is nice though, it means it's safe.

That's all for now, more tomorrow perhaps, if not, I will update again once I'm in Krakow.


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