Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Last Day in London

Hi Everyone.

I was rather shocked to see what happened at Glascow Airport yesterday. Thankfully, for those who were worried, my flight leaves at 7:35am tomorrow (London time) and so that means that I will be leaving at a rather slow period of time, which means it is a less busy time and thus less likely for attacks. Their threat level is at its highest level right now, meaning other attacks are imminent. This doesn't mean that they're expecting more attacks today and so forth, but over the course of the next few months. I didn't think things would be so unstable here!!

I can see why it's such a cause for attack though. London is highly dense and populated, and add to that all the tourists who are here and, needless to say, it is a prime target. It also seems that it is rather easy to immigrate here. This all adds to easy ways to getting into the country to cause attacks.

Thankfully I am alright and there is police presence everywhere! This is good. Today is going to be a "sloth day" for me. I have much reading to do for Tertio Millennio. I have got to see most of what I have wanted to see and yesterday was, frankly, a rather expensive day. Needless to say, it'll be good for me to take some time off for the sake of my wallet! I have spent about £125 here, which equals about 275 Canadian. That's a lot of money and so am just going to ease up.

Yesterday was nice. After stopping here I went to the Tube. I have realized that, really, the parts of London that one wants to see is all walkable and that one does not need to buy a tube pass. I bought one yesterday and it was just to Westminster and back to Victoria station, something I could have probably walked myself. Anyways, lesson learned there.

I have also realized that all Europeans are crazy drivers. This was something I noticed last time I was in Europe and that has been confirmed here in London. Also, every person I have been served by at the restaurants here speak English as a second language. Shows how many immigrants are here!

I went to the Globe Theater tour yesterday which was great. We got to see most of the dress rehearsal for Love's Labour's Lost. It was incredible and very well done! I contemplated going to see the show today, but, decided against it because of how much I had spent yesterday. I also went to this Star Wars exhibit. It was REALLY expensive. It was that or the London Eye and I decided to go for the exhibit partially because the eye was not working yesterday. So, for the second time, I shan't have the chance to go on the Eye. The exhibit was good, though a bit lacking in some areas. I was expecting a bit more for what I paid for, but it supplied a couple of hours of entertainment. I did lots of walking yesterday which was just great. I also had a true British meal, Italian Pizza ;). It was great. It's a chain here called Pizza Express, but it's actually a very nice place! If anyone is ever here they should go there. It was nice to just walk around and see the sights and the touristy things around here.

Went to Mass this morning at Westminster Cathedral and it was beautiful as always. I then had lunch and am now here. Also, if you're looking for a cheap substitute for lunch, though not healthy, I recommend simply getting a portion of chips and a drink, it's quite filling and is the perfect lunch snack.

Yes, London is horribly expensive, but thanks be to God I am only here for 3 days!!! I now am going to head back to the hotel and relax for the day. It is quite nice to not have to be anywhere, to just sit back, and enjoy things!

I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow at 4am...yay (notice my lack of enthusiasm). It'll be a long day tomorrow so it will be good to rest up today as tomorrow the seminar begins with a nice fancy dinner and social time till the wee hours of the morning probably.

Hope you are all well and am thinking and praying for you all.

God bless!


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