Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, July 16th

This morning started with my not wanting to get out of bed. I was home late last night as I am sure many read, but still managed to get up in time for the lectures and what not this morning.

Anyways, the first lecture this morning was by Fr. Williams on the nature of Human Rights. It was a good talk giving us many distinctions as to the nature of rights and which rights are fundamental, secondary, instrumental but not necessary, and so forth. I look forward to tomorrow's lecture on the Dignity of the Human Person by him.

The second lecture was by Fr. Maciej on the history of the Church and it's encounter with politics and its view of Democracy. It was much better then his other ones I found.

After that a bunch of us went for lunch at a cafeteria style restaurant. The food was ok, but it was cheap! Chicken, potatoes, a coke, and a bottle of water for abour $5 Canadian!

After that I came back and read for a while and took a nap.

We then left for the Archbishop's Residence to have Mass in the chapel there. Unfortunately Cardinal Dsiwicz is on holidays, but we were given permission to use the chapel for Mass. It is the very same chapel where JP II was ordained a priest and where he wrote so many of his writings as Archbishop and where he would pray and say Mass as Archbishop. It was quite the moving experience. People didn't want to leave to say the least.

After that was dinner at a very good restaurant and got the opportunity to sit with Fr. Neuhaus and discuss various things with him about many different issues. It was nice.

Now I just sit back and relax for the rest of the evening.

I should say too that it was EXTREMELY hot today. The high was 38 degrees Celsius, and it is supposed to be like this the rest of the week. Thankfully the Priory is made out of stone and cement, so it keeps heat out quite well and is really quite cool.

I'm going to go read for the rest of the night and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I will be going the the Divine Mercy Shrine which I am quite looking forward too, I very much enjoyed my time there last time I was here.

It is hard to believe I will be home on Friday. It has gone by so fast! But I do look forward to seeing everyone, I just hope I'll be able to recover from jet lag really quickly.


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