Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Many people who have been to Tertio Millennio before have said that it is a life changing experience. I have, however, heard that MANY times before from people about all sorts of things and it was never the case.

However, it is the case with Tertio Millennio. It is life changing. The people here are mature, fun, holy, smart, everything you could want in a person. The entire atmosphere is one of growth and encouragement.

When we arrived for the opening remarks by George Weigel he said "congratulations. You are here because you are the future leaders of the Church and the world." He didn't say you may be, or that he hopes you will be, but that you are going to be. That is not a statement to be taken lightly and, to be frank, can only take that as from him as a judgement on us based on what he sees in us. Some, of course, will do this in smaller ways and some in more global ways, but it is the fact that he sees us all as leaders and the whole course is meant to build on a seed that he sees within us that God has planted there. It is a very humbling thing to hear, to be completely honest. But it is this principle that changes one's life because it makes you see the decisive direction as to how you can exercise this leadership. It gives you the opportunity to really get to know God more and thus to know yourself more.

That being said, for any young adult who is reading this, I highly encourage you to apply next year for the Seminar. You may get in, you may not. But it is worth a shot. They may say "you were really good but we can't get you in this year, try next year", so try it. There is just too much good stuff to not want to take advantage of such a great opportunity. Plus, when you apply, you can guarantee that your application will be read by Mr. Weigel himself. So give it a shot, it will change your life!


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Anonymous said...

Of coure you guys are among the future leaders of the Catholic Church - that is, if you use the talents and graces God is offering you and make sure you step up to the plate. I have full confidence in you, Harrison; I know you'll keep to the path and fight the good fight. Or else I'll be writing to Neuhaus and Weigel telling them to revamp their vetting process.

ha ha!