Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day 2 at Tertio Millennio!

Hello everyone.

Well, the Credit Card situation has been sorted out. It turns out the hotel double charged me for my stay!! I will be writing them a letter as it screwed up bill payments! But that is taken care of thanks be to God!!

The seminar is really amazing.

Last night was dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in Krakow in the square. It was great. Tonight was dinner at an Italian place and again was great.

Today we had 2 lectures and 1 discussion group. The 1st lecture was on the 10 impacts of JP II, the 2nd was an overview of Catholic Social Teaching, specifically JP II's contributions. Both lectures were given by George Weigel. After lunch with a bunch of American Seminarians, we had our discussion groups on the encyclical itself with Russell Hittinger. That was great also. I have 10 pages of notes from today alone! I am going to be coming back with a book of notes it seems!!!

The seminarians from the States are really awesome. I have very much enjoyed their company. There has been great discussions too! I was discussing sexual morality in marriage and its pragmatic applications with one seminarian this evening over a Polish beer and it was great! This course offers everything I have yearned for and more!

They really know how to balance time for relaxation and time for study! It is intensive, but there sure is a lot of fun! Weekends are a break from studies. Saturdays are a day trip somewhere and Sundays are absolutely free! Also, the seminarians and I are arranging to do morning, evening, and night prayer together all the days while we're here. Yes, Fr. John, be shocked! :P

Needless to say, I am enjoying myself immensely and have already taken so much from just the first day! I fear what I will take away from the rest as this is just the beginning. God is good!!

I hope all is well with everyone and would love to get e-mails from you all about what has been happening with you!

God bless!


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