Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Amateur Catholic (and other loose ends)

You're looking at a member of the Amateur Catholic B-Team. Great stuff, go check it out. They even have an Amateur Jesuit, talk about a contradiction in terms!!


I've been wanting to post every day, but, frankly, it's just not happening at this time of year. It being Lent, and lots of school, time gets busy, but I may be able to get something up tonight.

To add to that, I have to apply like crazy for jobs. I'm available to begin work on April 12th, so I am getting my butt in gear for getting a job. What with massive student loans and wanting them paid off fast, one has to apply quite often to a LOT of jobs in the hopes of getting one. Please pray for me on this, it takes at least 2 hours a day for applying and I'm praying that God will guide me to the job He wants me to get.

I bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today, I'm very excited to say the least, though I don't know when I'll have the time to watch it.

And last but not least, never EVER buy an iPod from The Source by Circuit City! I purchased an iPod from them, and it broke, but I got a warranty from them. Well, I send it in to get fixed. It's been almost 2 months now. So I go in today and the manager is there. He tells me that it says it came in and that he doesn't see any iPod in the back. I'm shocked, and a bit angry. He says to come back in on Friday and talk to Steve (the guy who handled this), and then if it's still not traceable, then we will discuss things further. I better get an iPod one way or the other on Friday because this is ridiculous, so yes, never shop there.


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