Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Alive!

Sorry for the utter lack of posting these past few weeks. First I was sick and now I am in the midst of many many papers. Here is what I'm writing on.

History in Byzantine Art - I discuss the Christ's role in both the rise and fall of iconoclasm as a precursor in the paper. I then use the event of iconoclasm as a central point to discuss the continuity of the depictions of Christ from both the Early Byzantine Period through to the Middle Byzantine Period. I got to see some very amazing icons and mosaics while studying this, and I very much want to go to Sicily now because of all the beautiful Churches that are decorated with amazing icons.

Medieval Intellectual History - I will be arguing that the Sermons of Meister Eckhart had a profound influence on the cultural advancement of the laity with regards to the mystical side of the faith. I will argue that his sermons had a great effect with proof of the condemnations from the Bull of John XXII "In Agro Dominico" - In the Field of the Lord. Because of the possibility of easily misinterpreting what Eckhart had to say, it can be seen as to why certain statements of his were condemned as heretical or have the possibility of heresy. There are many interesting things I am finding out about the whole Eckhart situation, and will find out more as I finish writing the paper tonight, as it is due tomorrow morning.

Philosophy of Language - Truth - This paper will focus on William of Ockham's Theory of Supposition and how it is perhaps the most air tight correspondance theory out there. I will use Ockham's correspondance theory of truth as an answer to Frege's threefold arguments against the correspondance theory of truth. Man those medievals sure knew how to write. Ockham has so much detail, I mean, there is a very substantial difference between the words "truth" and "true", something many people wouldn't even think of considering. This paper is due on the 7th, I have much research material set aside for this, I simply need to write it. The medievals make me very excited when it comes to Philosophy.

On top of these papers I have the following:

Next Monday I will be giving a talk on the Pope's first encyclical Deus Caritas Est. So this weekend will be spent reading it and preparing the talk. I am very excited as this gives me the opportunity to actually read the encyclical, something school has been preventing me from doing all semester. I have about 40 minutes to talk on it, which will be great, it'll give me a great chance to really discuss the major themes of love in the encyclical.

I have a final exam on the last day of classes for History in Byzantine Art. It's only worth 15%, it just sucks how it's on the same day my Phil of Truth 4000 - 5000 word paper is due, but oh well.

I also have 16 jobs I have to apply for over the next couple of days. I'm praying that I get one soon because it is really interfering with school and studying. It takes a lot of work to costumize 16 resumes for 16 different jobs.

Anyways, that's it from over here from now. I promise that I'll be able to start posting much more again come the end of classes, for my exam period is very spread out and thus I will have some spare time for once :).

God bless!


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