Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Amish Are Online?

Well....I'm still sick and can't sleep, so I'm taking a moment to catch up in the world and some how stumbled across this...

The amish are selling their stuff ONLINE!! Weird....


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KA said...

Hmm. The furniture appears to be of the Amish style, but that doesn't mean they are Amish. In fact, as you queried, the Amish don't believe in using electricity and would most certainly not agree to have their photos taken.

My guess is, these people left the Amish lifestyle and took their trades with them. Or, some other relation to the Amish lifestyle without actually living it out. (I once knew a family of former-Amish people; they had lived a sacrificial life that cannot be understood outside their walls, not just in amenities, but socially it's a different way.)

Interesting link, however. The furniture is one of a kind.