Thursday, March 30, 2006

Deus Caritas Est

This Monday coming up I will be doing a talk on Deus Caritas Est, God is Love, the first encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI. I got a chance to FINALLY read it today in its entirety, I had no homework that could be done at work so I read that instead (and some Medieval Philosophy a la St Augustine).

I just have to say, it is an amazing beautiful encyclical. And so, because of my upcoming talk, there will be several posts over the next week or two. I will adapt the presentation to be more reader friendly, but it will more or less be what I present on Monday night. This way I can update my blog more often without really having to write stuff up extensively from readings and such.

I've got my outline already, so expect about 10 - 12 posts at least (if those are too long, then expect even more), all on the encyclical.

There is a lot in this encyclical. He talks about the mystical aspect of the Eucharist (a man after my own heart), philosophy, theology of the body, charitable works, and a wack load of other stuff. So stay tuned for a little series on Deus Caritas Est. I'm excited to talk about such a wonderful piece of theology.

Oh, and please continue to pray, through the intercession of St Joseph the Worker, that I find employment sooner rather then later if it be according to the will of God. I will have sent out about 25 resumes this week alone, which brings the total to about 120 jobs that I have applied for, and I have gotten absolutely nothing, and I need a job to pay off the student loans so that I can pursue my hopeful goal of testing out my vocation in the Seminary. So please, pray for God's will to be done with regards to my job situation through the intercession of St Joseph the Worker.



Anonymous said...

Theology of the Body?! I've always wanted to read that book! But i've never come across it here in malaysia. :( But i hope to find that book one day. :) God Bless you!

Harrison said...

If you look on the Vatican website, you can find the Wednesday audiences in which John Paul II gave his teaching on Theology of the Body. Also, check out one of the Amazon sites, they charge a bit more to send internationally, but they do mail them anywhere.