Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Met With the Bishop

So I met with the Bishop today. Fr. John ensured me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about as the Bishop likes me a lot, so that comforted me somewhat. I was a bit nervous in that I've never spoken with him one on one before and needless to say it can be a bit...difficult to talk to him at times.

Anyways, my nerves were settled immediately and he helped them be settled. He came in and sat down and we talked about school and one of my professors at the University. That calmed me immensely and everything else went well from there.

All in all, he seems genuinely open to me being a priest for this Diocese and he sees that I am of the proper understanding as to what this all entails. He is encouraging me to work so that I may pay off my student loans and experience life outside of school and that we will continue to discuss this more in the future. He also expressed his gratitude in the fact that he and I got to chat one on one as he had not had the opportunity yet since we are always in a larger group for lunches and such. So he seemed to enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

So I thank God and all who prayed for me. I got everyone to pray for me because it was a big thing, it kind of makes things official out there that I am discerning the priesthood and it brings me tremendous comfort knowing that I am going to simply let God take care of it and that I've got something to commit to. I know it's no final decision, but it's definitely a step on the right path I think.


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