Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Theology of the Body

So I've been really reading in an in depth manner lately Theology of the Body Explained by Christopher West. I have the Pope's too, but I want to start off with this to get my brain in the right mode for reading the Pope's which is a lot more in depth I find. It has been an amazing read full of amazing insights into something that we take for granted in the creation story. We have been very blessed by the gift John Paul II has given us.

This has pushed me to wanting to study the rest of JP II's Wednesday Audiences. So I've come across some books the Sisters of St Paul have put out which are a 6 volume set of his Wednesday Audiences. They are exactly like Theology of the Body in that he has a definite theme over the manner of several weeks or months. I am very excited to go over them in a detailed manner. I have Volumes 1, 3, and 6. The other 3 are proving very hard to find as they are no longer in print which blows my mind, who WOULDN'T want these?

George Weigel was indeed correct, though, when he said that "The Theology of the Body is a time bomb waiting to explode." Theology of the Body is definitely necessary for the New Springtime of Christianity that JP II had mentioned. It'll get the people in the pews excited (woah, the priest is talking about sex!) and it'll get the people in the streets excited (woah, the Church isn't down on sex, but approves of it and expresses the deepest desires of my heart!). I pray that seminaries will begin teaching this to priests, for it will be indespensible to them, to use it to explain why the Church teaches what it teaches, and through it speaking to the intimate personal experiences each and every person has.



DilexitPrior said...

From the depths of my heart a share in your prayer that the Theology of the Body would become an important part of seminary formation. I know only of a few priests who have a clear understanding of the implications of the Theology of the Body, and it is these priests who are often the only ones brave enough to touch on issues surrounding marriage, family, and human sexuality in their homilies. It only makes sense since they are the ones with the foundational understanding to be able to address these issues. Anyways, yes, I'm praying for the same thing.

Harrison said...

I agree. I'm hopefully going to be entering the Seminary in a couple of years. It is my goal to be well educated in TOB before I enter in case it is not taught there. Thankfully, our Bishop Richard here in Victoria is super enthusiastic about Theology of the Body and how it is necessary for discussing with those in the pews.

One of my favourite things is that as I read it I am more and more in love with marriage. That love for marriage confirms for me my vocation to the priesthood, to see marriages be brought to this level of intimacy, love, and most importantly, holiness. I think that my vocation actually affirms who I am as a man to the fullest possible. That is one cool thing about TOB, it teaches you that through your vocation you are fulfilling what it means to be male or female, it affirms your masculinity or femininity. It teaches you that you are unique, and that each person's experiences speak of who they are, so each vocation is there so that they can fulfill who they are as a person. I love the ethos to ethics stuff. Man, I just love TOB!!!