Thursday, January 19, 2006

Theology of the Body Weeks

As a result of much considering over the past two days, I have decided to dedicate the next few weeks to "Theology of the Body". It is for both the benefit of the reader who may not know or would like to see the Catholic position on these issues, as well as for my own personal benefit, that by writing it out it will further seep into my brain, staying there so that I may be able to, in the future, reference it quicker without having to reference the books. So please enjoy and comment, I hope that this may produce some fruitful discussion.



gabriel said...

Hey Harrison- Glad to see you've made it into the blogging world.

I'm writing under a pseudonym, but you just might be able to guess who I am.

DilexitPrior said...

Does everyone know everyone else in this small realm of Catholicism?! :-p

Anyways, I'm excited to start reading your blog and I'm particularly looking forward to your series on the Theology of the Body. As you can probably tell from my blog, I have a minor passion for the Theology of the Body. It's amazing stuff.

I'm assuming that if you're in Victoria you had the opportunity to hear Christopher West speak last year...

Harrison said...

Hahaha, yes, it's amazing, the Church is so massive and worldwide, and yet, it seems so close. I love the family feel of the Church, it's great!

I'm glad you're excited. Yes, I could tell from your blog that you have a minor passion for TOB as well.

And yes, I did get to go to the TOB conference last year and thouroughly enjoyed it! My friend Annette is the one who put it on. She and Father John at the Cathedral here have decided to put together a small society to put conferences on in the Diocese of Victoria. Next September we're bringing over George Weigel, which I am super excited about. I'll be posting more about that in a week or so, we're about to start our advertising campaign.

Were you at the Christopher West Conference?

DilexitPrior said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to the Christopher West conference, but last year I had the incredible blessing of being able to take a third year theology course on the Theology of the Body. The professor was a recent graduate from the John Paul II Institute of Marriage and Family in Washington, DC. It was the best course I've ever taken and that's not an overstatement.

Keep me posted on the George Weigel conference! :-)

Harrison said...

If envy wasn't a sin, I would be envious ;).

I'll keep you up to date on the GW conference, I'll be working on the website tonight.