Wednesday, April 19, 2006

God or the Girl

So, I watched the show today. I don't get A&E so a certain someone taped all the episodes for me. And so, I, like almost EVERYONE else in the Catholic Blogosphere, wish to offer my comments on the show.

Well, despite the manner lack in a good title and the production team attempting to make this a decision that is forever, that is, that entering seminary means becoming a priest, it was a really great show so far.

All four episodes deal with the depths of the human condition, the struggle that sin has poured out on the world. I think, too, that these 4 young men were really brave to do such a thing, because it is a great witness to the world and, to my knowledge, it has been getting GREAT reviews!

It really dealt with the struggles these men were going through, as well as the fact that Christ is the source of their strength that gets them past their struggles to focus solely on Him. I will say there were some issues that each man had to deal with, but, at the same time, who doesn't? It showed that it is ordinary to have issues and to listen to what God is calling you to.

For me, on a personal level, it was great to see that in each individual I can see a bit of me, that is, I was saying to myself "I've been through that" or "Boy do I have the same issue this guy has" and so forth. It was just really uplifting to see people so on fire for Christ.

I will say this, you go to Germany, you don't wait 3 days to call Anna!! I call her right away!!! I mean, one ought to do that no matter who they're visiting if it's been such a long time!

But yes..., it was just a great show and am looking forward to the final episode on Sunday, even though I won't be able to watch it until Monday probably as that will be when I can get it from said person taped at the earliest :).



Anonymous said...

Can I borow those tapes after your done with them?

Harrison said...

Ask he who taped them (hint, he makes dinner every Wednesday)...he lent them to David since I'm done with them, and so perhaps once David is done with them then you can borrow them :).


KA said...

ooh, reruns are on right now with the finale tonight!

Incredible short series. Although I wasn't discerning priesthood, or even becoming a perm. missionary, I could relate with the whole Mexico decision.

More importantly, however, is that I have a renewed appreciation for the discernment process and those who go through it.