Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Ironic Catholic and a Blogger in Need

There is a new blog out there that I highly recommend to you all. It's the Ironic Catholic and he has some GREAT satire on his blog. His latest about the release of the Compendium of the Catholic Church is absolutely priceless (my favourite part is the kids dressed up as Anselm and Abelard). Do him a favour and go check it out.

Also, there is a blogger out there who is in need of some financial help. He's been getting help from others and is indeed looking for work, but nothing has surfaced, though he does have an interview in the near future. It's been great to see people rallying to help him out. Remember, Lent is a time for penance and almsgiving, so why not give some alms to a brother in Christ who is genuinely in can go to his blog and click on the paypal link if you wish to help out.


1 comment:

The Ironic Catholic said...

Heh heh. Thanks for the compliment...but Ironic Catholic is a she! ;)

I'm enjoying your blog. Esp. the part about liberal/conservative labels...have they ever been used other than to take others down? How about FAITHFUL Catholics instead?