Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Do List for April

Well, it's my last month of school. In fact, tomorrow (Friday) is my FINAL day of classes at the University of Victoria EVER! Of course, though, there are still exams, but it is a step towards that light at the end of the tunnel. And yet, there is still much to do this month:

-Finish paper on Frege and Ockham on Truth. For those of you who are medievalists out there (and I know there are), Ockham is going to blow Frege out of the water with regards to the theory of truth as it relates to language. Ockham's theory of supposition and signification are ingenious. This is one of the better papers I think I have ever written, it is a point of seeing whether my prof will think so. Due Monday, but want it done for Friday.

-History in Byzantine Art Final Exam - Friday. Worth %15 of my mark, and it shouldn't be too hard.

-Go out Swing Dancing on April 7th and April 22 & 23 at the Victoria Hot Jazz Festival. Apparently dancers will only be having to pay $20 for those two days!!!

-Philosophy of Truth exam, Tuesday, the 11th at 9am. Glad it's the first one because it's been a painful class.

-Chrism Mass on Tuesday...have drinks with clergy and Bishop and serve them dinner, and then go to the Chrism Mass.

-Work and Holy Thursday, parents are also coming over that day.

-Good Friday...pray, fast, go to Good Friday Service.

-Holy Saturday - Go to Vigil

-Easter Sunday - Go to Mass

-Easter Monday - Work

-April 21st - Rationalist Philosophers Final - 7pm

-April 28th - History of Intellectual Thought in the Middle Ages final - 7pm. Rejoice after exam because I will never have to step foot on that campus for a class ever again.

-FIND A JOB!!!! (Interced for me St Joseph the Worker).

That is's a busy month indeed. And that's only the important stuff! Needless to say, as much as I love learning, I'm looking forward to just working and making money and relaxing and reading what I want to read for a while :).


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