Saturday, April 01, 2006

Some Articles to Check Out

I'm posting a bit more today simply because I'm taking a much needed "night to catch up and do things that aren't related to crappy philosophy subjects." And so, I give you some articles.

These articles come from a bi-weekly e-mail I get from CERC - the Catholic Educators Resource Center. Here is the link:

It is a great site headed by my friend's dad, Fraser Field. It is great for any Catholic out there, as he gets together articles from all over the place and posts them in his bi-weekly e-mail. Please check it out!

Here is a brilliant defense of politicians who truly practice their faith making use of it in their daily life. Rex Murphy argues that there is nothing wrong with Stephen Harper saying "God Bless Canada", but that it is, instead, something comforting.

Here is an article which I read a few weeks ago, but is apart of this e-mail, from George Weigel. First and foremost, come to hear George Weigel speak at "Discovering the Catholic way of life" here in Victoria. Information is available at: . He writes a BRIEF (and I do mean brief, 4 paragraphs to be exact) overview of Pope Benedict's first part of Deus Caritas Est. I'm glad I ran across it because it'll help me see some overarching themes so that I can shorten my talk down. Check it out:

John Allen gives us a general overview of Pope Benedict's first year. It is a long article (I will be reading it in pieces, the stuff I've read so far is very good), but well worth the reading:

I hope you enjoy the articles.



DilexitPrior said...

Your dad's friends with Fraser Field? My dad's friends with Fraser Field. The Fields are family friends of mine. Does that make us friends?! :-)

The CERC site is a great resource. I recommend it to people all the time.

Harrison said...

Actually, my friend's dad is Frasier Field :)...she goes to school with me and is at the same Church :).