Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canada Lost

Well, Canada's Men's Hockey team lost to the Russians today. Makes me very sad. This was the first game I actually got to watch. I had heard bad things, and watching this game made me see this.

Unfortunately, they were running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. It is unfortunate that this was the case. However, most of the teams we were playing against were fast, and that's something Canada didn't have much of this year. This is not to say there are no fast skaters who could play for Canada, but this year they seemed to opt for the big guys, which is why I think it looked like we were chasing all game.

Needless to say, Canada did not play like they deserved gold and they did not get gold as a result, in fact, no medal at all. It is very dissapointing, but I think in 2010 they're going to have to start thinking a bit more about speed for forwards so that they can actually get past the other teams.

In good news though Canada is tied for 3rd in the medal standings. I know we'll be getting at least a silver in men's curling too, so that'll bump up the total. The goal this year was 25, they may be able to surpass the total, we shall see.


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