Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A New Catechesis

Folks, I am very excited to announce that today marked the last Wednesday Audience by Pope Benedict XVI on the Psalms and Canticles found in the Divine Office.

B16 had been doing these as a continuation of what JP II began many years ago. He's done a great job in their reflection. I was able to be present at one when I was in Rome in August and it was perhaps the most powerful moment of my trip in Europe.

Now that it's over, however, well, needless to say, I am very giddy to see what his next series will be. This is something that he gets to choose and, I think, really use to further show us the aim of his Pontificate. Will he continue from the theme of his encyclical, will he discuss the liturgy? Who knows, but needless to say, it will be exciting to see what happens next Wednesday, what his catechesis will be on.

I am excited and I think every one in the Catholic world is also getting quite excited about this. Also, from the buzz on the blogs, Pope Benedict will announce for the first time in his Pontificate who he will be making as Cardinals. The next few weeks will be very exciting to say the least.


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C S said...

Awesome blog, keep up the great posts! My prayers are with you as you continue to discern God's call in your life.