Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Cardinals

I have much to post about today.

The first thing is the following.

The Pope, just as almost everyone expected, announced 15 new Cardinals today. 3 are over the age of 80 and is a way of showing his gratitude for all the work that they have done in the Church. The other 12 of course brings the total to 120, which Paul VI put in place. I don't expect B16 to surpass that number. There are two from the US and the rest are from all over the world, something that B16 had very much wanted to do.

Instead of giving you guys a list of all the new Cardinals, instead I am just going to link you to American Papist, who has pictures and everything.

Link to New Cardinal Posts

I figure since pretty much EVERY other blog has written about it, I could just link to them, and American Papist is one of the best ones out there.

He also talked about the Chair of St Peter today, that being the feast day of course. I forgot about that the feast was today, so I expect next Wednesday to be a more defining moment.


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