Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Population in Canada

There are a lot of interesting articles flowing around the blogosphere today. I chose this one, me being Canadian and all, but it also speaks a lot about the diminishing numbers of people in Canada. Of course, it is the result of the harsh individualism of our country. Hopefully people will realize this. If they don't, then by 2015, there will be more 65 and older people in Canada then there will be in the age group of 15 and under. This is the first part, make sure to check up on it, could prove to be very interesting.

Article on Population

Couple of other interesting things out there today:

Russian Orthodox Church starting to see the necessity of re-unifying with the Catholic Church because of the mass heterodoxy out there in many other Churches.

Pope may be naming his new Cardinals in less then 2 hours after this post, not to mention that it will be his first Wednesday audience doing a catechesis of his choice. If both things happen, today will be a major defining day of the direction of his pontificate I think.

*Sidenote*-There is no TOB postings tonight, I need to get to bed tonight, but there should be one tomorrow.


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