Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Communion of Male and Female (Part 1)

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Before this discussion begins, one must have a proper definition of what "sex" means in its primary way. Sex simply means a differentiation between male and female. What does this entail? First and foremost, it has to do with the definition of male and female. Note how sex deems that there is a differentiation between male and female. That means, then, that man is to a certain extent sexless as a result of the fact that he had no woman there to define himself as a male. This means that, in order to fully understand our masculinity or femininity as a human person, we must understand it in the whole concept of man. This entails, then, for each member of a particular sex can only understand themselves when they see themselves in light of the member of the opposite sex. Sexual difference is a good thing, because God said that it is not good for man to be alone. Through the creation of Eve, man is made complete through the complementary differences between Adam and Eve. Differences only become divisive after the fall.

So, what does this all mean in relation to Original Solitude. Well, this unity, which the Pope calls Original Unity. Original Unity both overcomes AND affirms Original Solitude. It overcomes Original Solitude through the one flesh union of male and female. It affirms Original Solitude in that through the one flesh union they realize and affirm that man is still distinct from the rest of the animals. They will their one flesh union, while the animals do it out of instinct. In this sense, man is affirmed as being singled out from the rest of the physical created world. This call to unity is stamped within their bodies. They realize this when they see each other and see how they are complete with the other of the opposite sex.

There must be, for Original Unity, there is a need for a common will to have an act of love. This unity brings about a common help for each other which only a self-conscious, self-determined person can bring for the other.

This Original Unity, and the unity between husband and wife, is, in accordance with Vatican II, what the Pope calls a communio personarum- a communion of persons. It is through this communion of persons that man and woman live together, with, and for each other in a loving relationship. This communion of persons is a relationship that is loving and intimate. It is through this communion of persons that the male and female discover who they are in their fullness and also affirm their uniqueness in the world. This all can be described as being part of the state of the one flesh union in that state of Original Unity.

And this loving communion of persons reflects something deeper, something more profound. It reveals a spiritual reality, it reveals that the communion of persons, at its most intimate level in the nuptial embrace, is an icon of the Trinity. This icon of the Trinity will be discussed tomorrow.


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