Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, I had a really awesome post ready on Theology of the Body. It was a really good one too (about how man and woman, through Original Unity in the one flesh union as a communion of persons reveal the inner life of the Trinity). Unfortunately, while moving around quickly I accidently pressed a button and the entire post was gone before I could post it. So it's going to have to wait another day. In the meantime, updates!

I'm updating my blog links, some are gone, some are added, so please check it out. I've also added a site link or two.

I'm back from my midterms, they went alright, my Phil of Truth exam I was rather dissapointed about though.

I'll be posting more often again now that midterms are over. Such is the life of a student.

Also, because I make shameless promotions, if you go to www.standrewscathedral.com/george.html you'll notice that we have the pamphlets online so you can download them and print them off so you can register. Tickets are already selling so don't wait, buy them now. If you live out of town, we will mail your tickets to you.

That's all for now, if I get time, I will post my post on TOB tonight, though I am going to make a general comment about it tonight (as a result of some reading I did yesterday, for my reading is far far ahead of the posts I'm posting).


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